Practical Tips On How To Look Out Of Your Market For Talent

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  4. Locating similar markets to source from

Bringing in talent from another market can seem like a daunting task with the average relocation cost totaling around $75,000. With that in mind, how do you know when it's worth to bring in talent from out of town?

Justine Akely is here to walk you through the steps of deciding when it's worth it to relocate a key employee and how to go about finding the perfect candidate.

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About Our Guest
Justine Akley

After completing a Master's degree in Philosophy at
Columbia University and an advanced degree in Global
Histories at NYU, Justine joined an international
recruitment firm where her primary focus was the public
sector; specializing in C-level placements in Finance and

Justine's helped international organizations,
national charities, and local initiatives find and retain
excellent talent.

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Webinar - Practical Tips On How To Look Out Of Your Market For Talent

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