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Webinar - 5 Ways to Create A Positive Candidate Experience in a Virtual Workforce

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Over the past year, organizations have shifted their recruiting processes into a completely virtual experience. Now, recruitment professionals refuse to give up the benefits of virtual interviews. In fact, in Cielo's Future of Work Survey, the majority (82%) of hiring managers said they'll continue interviewing candidates by video for many years to come. 

While incorporating new technology can lead to a more organized and efficient hiring process, the efficiency gains sometimes come at the cost of the candidate experience. 

Watch the recorded webinar from Spark Hire and Lever on 5 Ways to Create a Positive Candidate Experience.

We discuss:

  • Using technology to create a more human, personal, dynamic, and consistent candidate experience
  • Mapping the candidate journey to meet current candidate expectations every time
  • Using candidate experience to boost employer branding
… And much more!
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