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Featuring speakers from JobAdder, Spark Hire, BambooHR, and TextUs

Exclusive panel webinar with speakers from Spark Hire, TextUs, JobAdder, and BambooHR now!

Watch this 35-minute discussion featuring hiring authorities from JobAdder and Spark Hire, along with subject matter experts Sarah Bradshaw, Talent Acquisition Partner at BambooHR, and Erich Hugunin, CRO at TextUs. We discussed how recruiters and talent acquisition teams can enhance the candidate experience and provide stability to the hiring process during uncertain times.
Watch this webinar for tips on:
  • Proactive personalized communications with candidates
  • Opportunities to add stability to the hiring and application processes for both candidates and hiring teams
  • Why and how to effectively market to candidates in our current climate
  • Warming strategies to offer reassurance and keep candidates engaged   
We also cover some tips and best practices to help both candidates and employers make the connections they need to overcome today’s challenges and be prepared to thrive in the future.  

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Webinar - Virtual Recruitment: Tips to Enhance the Candidate Experience

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