Fueling 2018 Growth: How to Attract and Retain Talent

Join Spark Hire and Namely and learn how to:

  1. Build a modern recruiting process
  2. Focus hiring efforts towards what is important to your candidates and employees
  3. Evaluate and improve your current recruiting toolkit

Join Ashley Pelliccione, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition and Julie Li, Senior Director of People Operations at Namely as they uncover the evolution of recruiting and retention trends from 2017 to 2018 and identify the long-term pillars of hiring.

Learn how recruiting trends will change in the coming year and the cases which remain constant. Ashley and Julie will discuss how these trends point towards certain recruiting tools to help you remain both accurate and efficient in your hiring.

Ashley Pelliccione

Ashley Pelliccione
Senior Director of Talent Acquisition

Ashley Pelliccione is the Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at Namely. Since joining, she's built the internal people and recruiting teams and accompanying processes, which have resulted in hiring top talent through an exciting growth period. In the last 2.5+ years, Ashley has led the headcount growth at Namely from 100 to over 400 employees across 5 offices.


Kristi Thurston.jpg

Kristi Thurston
Learning Development Lead

Kristi manages development opportunities internally beginning at the point of onboarding. During her time at Namely, Kristi has been responsible for strategizing evaluation and assessment plans and building out development opportunities.

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