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Webinar - Tricks to Getting More Applicants [ApplicantPro]

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Watch the webinar with Spark Hire and ApplicantPro to learn how to:

  • Consistently attract the right candidates for your company's open positions
  • Understand the impact of market fluctuation on your talent pool
  • Increase interest in your company while maintaining your hiring budget 

If you think your lack of qualified talent is due to the "market" and fall outside your realm of control, you're looking at it all wrong.

In this webinar by Founder and CEO of Applicant Pro, Ryan Kohler, you'll gain insight about how to take control of your hiring process and bring in more top talent.

The key? Understanding how the hiring market functions.

Learn the current trends of the hiring market as well as how they impact hiring, the required perception shift to improve your processes, and 10 budget-efficient hiring tips. Discover all this and more in Spark Hire and ApplicantPro's webinar.

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