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Webinar - Video Interviewing: A Future Staple In Your Hiring Process

Creating a hiring process means unique challenges. What tools help you work most efficiently? How do you ensure hiring manager satisfaction and happiness? And what about the candidate experience?

Launch your hiring strategy into the fast lane with tips and tricks from Spark Hire CEO and Founder, Josh Tolan. Josh will take you through the best methods, tools, and processes to get you, your candidates, and your hiring managers from application to offer in a single week.

Join Spark Hire CEO, Josh Tolan, for a webinar to learn how to:

  • Personalize the process
  • Nurture candidates’ interest in your organization
  • Structure and standardize your hiring process
  • Gain better insight on how candidates fit open roles
  • Create harmony and accountability with hiring managers

When your hiring process shows how awesome your organization is, what it will be like to work for you, and encourages candidates to show off the skills that make them a great fit, you reach better hiring decisions faster. Showing hiring managers, in candidates’ own words, why they’re excited to work for you allows everyone to get on the same page about a candidate, before they even step foot in the office.

Screen, interview, and hire efficiently with the best hiring strategy and tools to move candidates through your pipeline fast while adding a personal touch.

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