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Webinar - Metrics that Matter: Setting Your TA Team Up for Hiring Success

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Talent Acquisition teams across the globe are currently filling new reqs at a record pace for what’s been coined, ‘The Great Rehiring’ while at the same time having to back-fill roles for the talent that’s leaving during, ‘The Great Resignation.’ Now more than ever, it’s critical for your hiring teams to look at key metrics that will give you a more holistic and integrated look at the recruitment process to optimize talent acquisition outcomes.  

Watch SmartRecruiters and Spark Hire's free webinar on-demand Metrics That Matter: Setting Your TA Team Up For Hiring Success. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to move beyond traditional hiring metrics to become a more strategic business partner.

We will discuss:

  • The key metrics to track for Hiring Success in 2021
  • How to track your hiring progress to bring meaningful data back to your hiring teams 
  • How to use hiring metrics and the Hiring Success methodology as a competitive advantage in today’s increasingly complex and cutthroat talent market
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