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Webinar - February 2023 15Five BizLibrary - Modern HR for Hiring, Engaging, and Retaining Employees

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With the challenging economy, changing job markets, new tech, and evolving candidate expectations, building structure and understanding your needs are essential for hiring, engaging, and retaining top talent.

Join Spark Hire, 15Five, and BizLibrary as we introduce you to the latest hiring trends, the importance of solid onboarding, and best practices for hiring managers to be aware of. With this webinar, we hope to demystify the hiring & onboarding process and help you develop a sustainable employee engagement model that cultivates happy, high-performing employees.

We cover:

  • Setting hiring goals and building structure
  • Identifying quality candidates and hiring for skills
  • Collaborative HR tech
  • Effective onboarding techniques
  • Creating effective training and development opportunities
  • And more!

Disclaimer: Your contact information will be shared with the participating panelists.

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