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Webinar - Must-Have Recruiting Tech for 2021

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What are some of the top considerations for recruitment agency leaders and operations teams when evaluating and adopting new technologies for 2021?

With so many options for technology providers in the staffing and recruiting space, it can be challenging to build the right tech stack for you, your recruiters, and your unique business needs.

Join Spark Hire, Crelate, and Leap Consulting for a free webinar featuring experts Chris Hesson and Lauren Jones where we'll discuss Must-Have Recruiting Tech for 2021.

We cover:

  • Identifying your top needs and challenges
  • Staffing Trends for 2021 and what they mean for your agency
  • Choosing technology that prioritizes the client and candidate experience
  • The ongoing search for soft skills across all industries and how to choose technology to better recruit for them
  • Addressing and planning for an increase in remote work, distributed teams, and remote recruiting

… And much more!

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