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Webinar - Must-Know Staffing Trends for 2023

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Providing an incredible talent experience has never been more important. According to Bullhorn’s GRID Talent Trends Report, candidates have cited a variety of challenges throughout the lifecycle, but communication and efficiency are among the most important factors in determining a positive experience. Agencies that leverage technology and engagement best practices throughout the talent lifecycle are significantly better positioned to attract and retain talent.

Join Spark Hire and Bullhorn for this free webinar. Anna Henry, Bullhorn Account Executive and Jeremy Tolan, Spark Hire Partnerships Manager, will discuss candidate trends from the past year and how to gain a competitive advantage heading into 2023.

We cover:

  • Navigating the most common problems throughout the talent lifecycle
  • Strategies and tech to improve consistent communication with candidates
  • Speeding up your recruitment process
  • And more!
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