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Webinar - How To Create Distinct Employer Branding With The Voice Of Your Employees

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Join NextWave Hire and Spark Hire for a webinar and learn:

  • Why employees are great brand ambassadors
  • How to collect employee stories
  • Which employee stories build your employer brand
  • How to measure the effects of employee stories

Phil Strazzulla, Founder and CEO of NextWave Hire, is here to help you give your employees a voice! Listen in as he tells you the strategy you need to build up your company's employer branding.

The most genuine expression of your company’s brand is right outside your door. It can be the difference between a mediocre and stand-out candidate. And it’s often underutilized, because you see it every day.

Your employees and their daily interactions are your company’s brand. But are you leveraging them?

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