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Webinar - Talent Communities: The Secret to Proactive Recruiting [NextWave Hire]

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Watch the webinar with Spark Hire and NextWave Hire to learn how to:

  • Keep your company top of mind to candidates
  • Prove your company is where your ideal candidates want to work and
  • Encourage more qualified candidates to apply for your open positions

Candidates need to be wowed to even consider applying to your open roles. A careers page focuses on promoting job ads. And what do you do to invite candidates to consider your company so they entertain the idea of working for you?

The answer? Proactive recruiting.

Make waves in your talent pool by engaging website visitors, passive candidates, and applicants with this hiring technique. And the keystone of your proactive recruiting plan is talent communities.

This recruiting technique helps potential applicants leap at your open opportunities. Discover the role talent communities can play in your recruiting process with Spark Hire and NextWave Hire's webinar!

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