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Webinar - Video Interviewing: A Future Staple In Your Hiring Process

With organizations throughout the world slowly reopening, staffing firms have an opportunity to provide stability and advice to both clients and candidates in the face of uncertainty.

Join Spark Hire for a panel webinar to learn:

  • How to get the most out of existing resources and pivot to earn new business
  • How to decide what tech changes to make to enable a nimble team
  • Why and how to effectively market to candidates in our current market
  • Opportunities to add stability to the hiring process for both candidates and clients
  • How to prepare your candidate pool for the employer economy

Join us for a 45-minute long discussion featuring expert panelists from Atlas Staffing, Atcom, and Bullhorn moderated by Spark Hire's Director of Customer Success, Joanne Denenberg. We'll run through some best practices with virtual interviews to help both candidates and employers make the connections they need to overcome today's challenges, stabilize the business, and be prepared to thrive in the future. 

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