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When the application of an obviously overqualified candidate lands on your desk, a debate begins. 

Do you even bother reviewing their resume? What made them apply for your position? Should you interview them? If you hire this candidate, will they be worth it? 

Discussion on how overqualified talent disrupts workplaces has impacted talent acquisition strategies for years. We decided it was time to reveal the truth behind the numerous hesitations talent sourcing and hiring pros face when considering overqualified candidates.

We focused on:

  • How do talent acquisition and hiring pros feel about hiring overqualified talent?
  • What risks are associated with hiring these candidates?
  • Do they bring any rewards to the table?

750 respondents in the United States, Canada, and Mexico filled us in on their experiences with overqualified talent. They acknowledged there are both risks and rewards to filling open roles with overqualified candidates. However, by understanding the pros and cons, you can develop a plan to strategically hire this group of top talent for the long-term.

Download our full report to learn:

  • The challenges with hiring overqualified talent
  • Why to consider hiring overqualified talent and what factors to consider.
  • How talent acquisition pros effectively place overqualified talent in open roles
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