The Advantages of Skills-Based Hiring

Join Spark Hire and SmartRecruiters for a free webinar where we discuss how to hire candidates with all the skills necessary to succeed in your organization.


Traditionally, hiring managers would look for resumes with the top schools, the most impressive previous employers, and a certain level of pedigree when hiring for a role. However, modern studies have shown that hiring for skills can be a far more effective way of finding the right person for the job. This may require rethinking your job descriptions and learning new characteristics about your job candidates.

Want to learn more about overcoming outdated hiring methods to meet more high-quality prospects and increase hiring velocity? Join Spark Hire and SmartRecruiters as we discuss structuring your hiring process and hiring for skills in order to identify candidates who will perform best in your organization.


We cover:

  • How to create deeper, more diverse talent pools through skills-based hiring
  • How to increase hiring velocity by hiring for skills vs pedigree
  • Must-have technology for skills-based hiring
  • And more!
The Complete Guide to Data-Driven Recruiting

The Complete Guide to Data-Driven Recruiting

Put your mouth where your metrics are with all the details about key metrics throughout the recruiting process including:

  • Top data-driven recruitment metrics
  • How to measure them accurately
  • How to use data results to improve hiring processes

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