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More than 6,000 organizations of all sizes across the globe trust Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform to make better hiring decisions faster.

  • Screen candidates 5x faster
  • Eliminate interview scheduling challenges
  • Gain more insight on job applicants in less time
  • Conduct interviews remotely
  • Boost collaboration with hiring stakeholders

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Shorten time to hire while boosting quality

Breeze through your preliminary interviews faster than the competition and foster better collaboration between hiring stakeholders throughout your process.

A necessary tool for busy HR departments

Candidates record video responses on their own time freeing up your schedule.

  • Screen significantly more candidates in less time
  • Eliminate scheduling conflict for early interviews
  • Get candidates to the next step in your process faster

What hiring managers have been missing

Share completed interviews with hiring managers so they can provide feedback.

  • Improve collaboration between HR and hiring managers
  • Reduce the number of panel interviews needed
  • Empower hiring managers to make quick decisions

Millions of candidates rate their Spark Hire experience on average:


Deliver a quick and equitable candidate experience

  • All candidates answer the same interview questions leading to fair evaluations
  • Enable candidates to provide more context on their experience
  • Candidates get through your process faster which leaves a positive impression

Integrate Spark Hire with your applicant tracking system

With more integrations than any other provider, Spark Hire can be used in conjunction with any HR and recruiting software.

Integrate with HR and Recruiting Software
Integrate with HR and Recruiting Software

Learn why 6,000+ organizations trust Spark Hire

See what makes Spark Hire the #1 rated video interview platform on the market based on real customer reviews.


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